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MWC 2015 – Samsung Galaxy S6: March 2nd, LG G4: MIA (Rumor)

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Two of the most anticipated smartphones of the year will emerge from Korea, and although we might not have to call them by name in order to identify them, we’re of course referring to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4.

The aforementioned smartphones will compete with each other for market supremacy throughout 2015, and both devices are expected to go on sale roughly at the same time. However, one will hit the shelves first, and according to a fresh report from Korea, that “one” will be the Samsung Galaxy S6. Join us below for the full story.

MWC 2015 - Samsung Galaxy S6: March 2nd, LG G4: MIA

MWC 2015 – Samsung Galaxy S6: March 2nd, LG G4: MIA

Samsung Galaxy S6 to Launch at MWC 2015; LG G4 MIA

According to a fresh report from the Korean online publication Chosun, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The source also revealed the exact date this event will take place – March 2nd.

Interestingly enough, Chosun reports that Samsung has developed multiple Galaxy S6 prototypes but has yet to decide which one will enter mass production. This may be the reason for the rumors suggesting that the SGS6 could feature a glass back panel instead of a metal unibody, but an insider familiar with the plans of a Samsung subcontractor says that the gadget will in fact have a metal case. It’s just that Samsung hasn’t yet decided on the details.

The source also says that Samsung hasn’t made up its mind concerning the use of a dual-edge display or a more traditional form factor. Up until now all evidence hinted that Samsung is planning on releasing two flagship phones: a Galaxy S6 and a dual-edged Galaxy S6 Edge, but this fresh report suggests that we might see only one flagship hitting the stage.

As for the LG G4, the smartphone seems to be missing in action and according to the source, the G4 will not be unveiled at MWC. Chosun cited an unnamed LG executive who said that the LG G3 was released in May and that there are no plans to launch the sequel earlier than that. So in other words, the LG G4 could be released in May, and until then the Korean tech giant will use this time to perfect it. But apparently LG will not skip MWC 2015 entirely. The company will supposedly be present at the conference, where it will unveil new wearables and various other IoT gadgets.

This wraps it up for now but we’ll keep you up to speed as soon as new details emerge.



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