New 3D iPhone 6 Schematics Surface, Claim To Be The Real Thing

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It looks like the iPhone 6 related leaks just keep on coming. Lately, we’ve seen the iPhone 6 surface in many forms, first schematics, then factory molds, and then real, dummy units. All of them claim to be official, coming straight from Foxconn or its affiliates. However, now it appears that the 3D schematics which were used to build some (if not all) of the dummy units have surfaced.

Take a look below and join us after the break.






The above pics come from the Chinese WeiFeng network, are supposed to originate from someone from the supply chain (probably Foxconn), and are supposedly representing the current, official iPhone 6 design (which is not to say that it won’t change before the device will get released).

As you can see, when compared to the iPhone 5s, the length and width have increased, probably to accomodate the rumored 4.7-inch screen. We can also notice that the Lightning interface remains unchanged, that the power button has been moved to the right side (supposedly to allow for a better grip), that the Volume keys are not round like those on the iPhone 5s were, and that the LED flash is rounded (as opposed to oval – iPhone 5S).

What we think is that, official or not, the recent wave of iPhone 6 dummy units have probably originated from these schematics (or very similar ones). What do you think? Are you satisfied with the current design? Let us know in the comments section.


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