iPhone 5 to Hit the Market Hard – Rumored Release Date: September-October

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For some time there have been a lot of articles covering news and rumors regarding the new Apple iPhone 5 and this one is no different, since we have some new info to add to the mix. Shaw Wu, analyst at Serne Agee recently had a couple of things to say regarding the iPhone 5, more importantly that it could be a much bigger update than people talked previously. Read more to find out what else he said about the iPhone 5.

First off, many people said that the iPhone 5 would only be a slight, modest update of the current generation but Wu wants to prove them wrong. The iPhone 5 will feature a thinner and lighter form-factor when compared to the iPhone 4. The iPhone 5 is also said to be similar in terms of design with the current generation.

iPhone 5 to Hit the Market Hard?

iPhone 5 to Hit the Market Hard?

The iPhone 5 is also said to be more powerful (since it will pack the dual-core A5 processor from Apple) and to be sporting a bigger display. Well, that isn’t something we didn’t hear before, but Wu also said that the iPhone 5 won’t support 4G LTE because it doesn’t provide as much coverage as the guys at Apple would like and it would drain the iPhone 5 battery.

If you’re wondering how does Wu know about the above, he said that the info was given to him from iPhone 5 parts suppliers that want to be anonymous. Since there are already a ton of things to be checked about the iPhone 5, one would really have his hands full if it were to investigate what does and doesn’t hold water. Not to mention that what Wu said has the “expected” note attached, so there is still room for speculation regarding to the Apple iPhone 5.

The Apple iPhone 5 release date is rumored to take place in September or October, though we’ve yet to find out exactly when. We’ll keep you posted.

What do you guys think about the iPhone 5 ? Would it be a big step forward in terms of design and performance, hitting the market hard, or would the iPhone 5 result in just a modest upgrade, as others have already put it ? What’s your input ?

Kudos to BGR for offering us the news about the iPhone 5.

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