Kyocera To Showcase A Solar Chargeable Smartphone At MWC

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With MWC just around the corner, the participant companies are starting to announce (or tease if we’re talking about Samsung) what people will be able to see during the show.

Usually, at MWC we also get a glimpse of what the future holds and today Kyocera announced that it will do just that, reminding us that MWC 2015 is not all about Samsung’s Galaxy S6 ot HTC’s One M9.


According to Kyocera’s press release, at MWC the Japanese company will showcase a smartphone prototype featuring solar charging capabilities. The company has taken one of its old smartphones and made it able to recharge from a natural (or even artificial) light source.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, Kyocera applied the Wysips Crystal tech (developed by Sunpartner Technologies and illustrated above) to the smartphone’s front panel.

According to its developer, the Wysips Crystal is “combining optical and photovoltaic technologies” and it is “ultrathin and transparent”. When this technology is applied to e-readers and low cost mobile phones (which are way less power hungry than your everyday flagships), it can make the aforementioned devices self-sufficient. Check out more details about this really interesting technology:

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