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Leaked Motorola Droid 3 Tutorial Vids Confirm New Specs – Possible Release Date: June

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The Motorola Droid 3 is definitely one of this year’s smartphones that can give you a headache when trying to guess its whereabouts. There hasn’t been any solid information about the upcoming Droid handset and the only thing we know about this device can be summarized in very few words.

We can’t say much about the Motorola Droid 3. We’ve pretty much talked about what we think we know about it, like the type of CPU it will pack at launch. We also had some rumors that the possible Motorola Droid 3 release date and that it might not run Gingerbread out of the box.

Now, the Motorola Droid 3 is again subject to discussion as three tutorial videos concerning the device have been recently leaked straight from beyond the impenetrable veil surrounding the handset.

New Motorola Droid 3 Specs Revealed By Leaked Videos

New Motorola Droid 3 Specs Revealed By Leaked Videos ?

We can’t say a lot of new things regarding the Motorola Droid 3 after watching these videos, but we at least have confirmation on most of the aspects we’ve talked about before. Not to mention, it’s pretty cool to finally see the Motorola Droid 3 in action.

From the videos bellow you will see that the Motorola Droid 3 will sport an 8 megapixel camera capable of 1080p HD video recording, we can see micro USB and mini-HDMI connectors in the same place that are found on the Droid X2 but, unlike the Motorola Droid X2, there will be two volume buttons instead of the rocker. One of the three videos also focuses on the use of the 5-row QWERTY keyboard.

By the looks of it it is unclear what type of operating system will the Motorola Droid 3 run on. It’s possible that the handset will not benefit from LTE connectivity. No  other technical aspects ( not even a Motorola Droid 3 release date ) are shared in these videos, although the leak itself and the stage of development shown in these videos make the June launch even more plausible.

Check out the leaked tutorial videos and feel free to share your thoughts regarding the Motorola Droid 3 in the comment section below.




Thanks Engadget for the heads-up regarding the leaked Motorola Droid 3 tutorial videos.