Motorola Defy Getting A CPU Boost ? Defy + Branding ?

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Every time we’re bringing some news regarding the improvement of a particular device, we tend to address the matter to those of you who already own that device, after which we turn our attention to those of you who might be interested in a future purchase of the device in question.

This time though, we’re going address the latest news to those of you who are particularly interested in owning an older device and as the title suggests we’re referring of course to the Motorola Defy.

Apparently Motorola got a bit bored with the good old Motorola Defy so they’ve decided that they should make the Defy more interesting by adding a “+” in the phone’s name. Of course that wouldn’t be enough so besides the fact that the device will be called Motorola Defy+ in the near future, we should also expect an actual physical upgrade in terms of chip. In other words, the upcoming upgraded version of the Motorola Defy will sport a 1GHz OMAP 3620 TI chip instead of the current 800 MHZ OMAP 3610 TI. No other spec-wise changes are expected, but this CPU upgrade could point out to an official Gingerbread update in the future? We’ve seen some Gingerbread leaks for the Defy in the past that’s for sure.

Motorola Defy Getting A CPU Boost ? Defy + Branding ?

Motorola Defy Getting A CPU Boost ? Defy + Branding ?

Although the rumors are not quite clear regarding the carrier that will bring us the beefed up Motorola Defy+, the frequencies (850, 1900 and 2100 MHz) are clearly hinting at AT&T so it looks like the Defy+ will most likely remain loyal.

Nothing much in the Motorola Defy + the release date department either so all that remains now is to wait for the next wave of rumors that will bring us news regarding this smartphone. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more.

Thanks Pocketnow for the heads-up regarding this Motorola Defy CPU upgrade.

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