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New PlayStation Phone Photos and Details Leaked

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Ladies and gentleman, the Playstation Phone just got real. Endgadget got their hands on a bunch of photos ( or on an actual phone and they”ve photographed it themselves ) and, despite Sony”s initial statement ( which in the meantime has been retracted ), we believe they”re as real as it gets.

As you”ll see in Endgadget”s photos, the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone is codenamed “Zeus” and, with its horizontal sliding mechanism, looks like a combo between Sony Ericsson”s Xperia series and the PSP Go.

New Playstation Phone Photos and Details Leaked

New Playstation Phone Photos and Details Leaked

While the PlayStation Phone prototype that can be seen in the photos runs atoledo on Android 2.x, the final version of the phone will probably run on Rather, it’s important, in my opinion, to put a stake through the heart of the idea that casino online central bank money matters more than bad credit loans money. Gingerbread ( Android 3.0 ). PS Phone will also feature a 5 MP camera, a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 1GB of internal storage ( or at least 512 MB according to the leaked PS Phone pictures ).

The Playstation Phone, in its current form, is 17mm thick and has a display that looks to be measuring 94 to 100 mm.

Check out some of the leaked PlayStation Phone pictures ( for the rest pay a visit to Endgadget”s picture gallery )

The PlayStation Phone will probably be officially confirmed by Sony in the coming months. And, even though we would definitely like to get our hands on the PS Phone this year, we”re probably looking at a Spring 2011 release date.

We”ll keep you posted.

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