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Rumor: Apple to Announce the iPad 2 Release Date on March 2nd

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We’ve got some good news for you concerning the iPad 2 from Apple as it seems that the manufacturer has finally decided to announce the iPad 2 release date. According to some rumors floating around the net, Apple plans on unveiling the tablet on March 2nd so if you would like to know more, continue below.

The unveiling of the new iPad 2 is supposed to take place in San Francisco as Apple has many times did over the years and, from multiple accounts, the unveiling of the iPad 2 release date is set in stone and here to stay. The final location is yet to be announced, but speculations revolve around the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Be on the lookout for the invites if you want to see the iPad 2 close and personal, as they could be sent any minute now, though nothing has hit the wires at the moment.

iPad 2

iPad 2

Even though it was previously rumored that the iPad 2 release date was set for April 2011, nobody would mind if the tablet will hit the streets sooner than that. In fact, as we’ve previously reported, Apple has very high expectations for the iPad 2, as it should top 6 million units sold per month. And if we look at its little brother’s performance, which sold almost 15 million units since its launch, that surely means a lot of trust put into it.

I for one am very eager to find out whether the iPad 2’s camera will really have only 1 MP, as previous news indicated. And let’s not forget the fact that the iPad 2 is said to be sporting a 2048 x 1536 resolution which is double of that of the current model. A lot of things will be riding on this iPad 2 unveiling as many people are eager to finally find out what the next generation is really about.

What do you guys think about the iPad 2 ? Will it rise to Apple’s expectations and top the current generation by a landslide ? And most importantly, how do you feel about the 1 Mp camera, can this be real ? We’ll find out soon enough, next month…we hope.

Kudos to All Things Digital for providing us with the news about the possible announcement of the iPad 2 release date.

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