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Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date – April 10th ?

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Some of you might remember that, back in February, we reported that the BlackBerry PlayBook release date should come, according to a leaked Office Depot screenshot, in late March / early April.

Recently, the guys at Boy Genius Report have announced that, according to several of their sources, the BlackBerry PlayBook release date is April 10th. This date is early-April enough to make us believe that the actual BlackBerry PlayBook release date will arrive, if not on April 10th, then in said late March / early April time window.

Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date - April 10th ?

Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date - April 10th ?

Another thing that BGR has found out is the fact that the BlackBerry Tablet OS will reach the Gold status ( aka finished and ready to be sent out ) on March 31st. This probably means that when you’ll first boot up the BlackBerry PlayBook you’ll be notified that a newer version of the OS is available for download.

We have to say that our anticipation for the PlayBook has grown a lot lately, especially since RIM is constantly releasing new bits of info regarding the tablet’s capabilities ( like the four different PlayBook profiles or the awesome apps the guys at The Astonishing Tribe have created to show-off the tablet’s versatility ).

And speaking of apps, in the past there were voices that claimed that the BlackBerry PlayBook will suffer due to the small number of applications available. Well you shouldn’t worry no more as it was revealed that the BlackBerry PlayBook will have over 4000 apps at its release date. Not to mention that it seems like the tablet will be able to run Android apps.

The BlackBerry PlayBook specs might not be something to write home about ( especially when considering those of Motorola’s Xoom ) but it seems that RIM has enough experience and knowledge to make their tablet able to rise to the challenge.

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Thanks BGR for letting us know about the new rumored BlackBerry PlayBook release date.