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New Rumoured iPad 2 Specs: Camera Could Be Packing 1 Mp!

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After last week we brought you some really interesting rumors regarding the iPad 2 specs, we’re back with some a new leak regarding the subject.

Good and bad news have emerged regarding the iPad 2 from Apple. The good news is that the guys at 9to5Mac have found out a couple of details regarding the iPad 2 specs. The bad news is that the specs are about one of the two cameras which will be featured by the iPad 2. The device will carry a 1 Mp ( or close to ) camera.

This astounding fact got out from the iOS 4.3 beta and the iPad 2 looks to be packing a camera close to the one found on the Apple iPhone. Keep in mind that the camera was first rumoured to be a 5 Mp one.

New Rumoured iPad 2 Specs: Camera Could Be Packing 1 Mp!

New Rumoured iPad 2 Specs: Camera Could Be Packing 1 Mp!

Ok, Apple is yet to confirm this rumor regarding the iPad 2 specs, but the screenshot taken from the K94 ( which incidentally is the codename for the iPad 2 ) speaks for itself. I frankly don’t know if the company has enough time as to replace the 1 Mp camera should people disagree with this decision, but we will see sometime later how it will turn out.

Having talked about the iPad 2 specs, I am very curious as to the reasons behind this move regarding the camera…if this rumor/leak turns out to be true that is. True, I am well aware that the iPad 2 is not meant by any means to be used as a photo shooter thanks to its size, but what the heck? If someone would want to take a couple of nice photos and would want to bother using the iPad 2 for this, then he or she shouldn’t be left out right? What do you guys think?

Okay, getting back to the iPad 2, there could be a logical explanation why the camera had to suffer as the size could be an issue and a smaller camera could definitely offer more space for other things. But I don’t think Apple did this purposely so that the iPad 2 couldn’t be used as a regular camera. Frankly it would be interesting to hear Apple’s side of the matter should the company decide to offer a comment on this. Until then, we’re still on the waiting game for further news regarding the iPad 2.

Many thanks to 9to5Mac for offering us the news about the iPad 2 specs.

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