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Samsung Galaxy S2 Pricing All Over The World

by Catalin Mengheris on March 13, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has been quite a lot in the news recently and considering what the South Korean manufacturer is offering up for sale, it’s easy to understand the excitement of Android phone enthusiasts. Now there have been quite a lot of updates regarding the pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S2 out there, so I took it up on myself to comprise a small list of the Samsung Galaxy S2 pricing all over the world. Well, the areas which announced the device at least.

For starters, let’s head over to Switzerland, where Swiss retailer Digitec is offering up the Samsung Galaxy S2 for the very low price of 6900 CHF ( that’s roughly 550 Euros or $755 ). Although still rather high, the Samsung Galaxy S2 pricing may drop severely once it will launch with some carriers, but until then, those who want the bragging rights which come with such a device, will have to reach deep into their pockets.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Price Tags All Over The World

Heading over to the UK, we have a far more extensive list of retailers offering the Samsung Galaxy S2 up for grabbing and to my surprise pricing varies quite a lot between them.

Starting with online retailer, the Samsung Galaxy S2 price tag is £599.99 ( that being roughly $960 ) which is quite a touch more than what Digitec was asking for it. Expansys is listing the Samsung Galaxy S2′s pricing rather high, as the device will ship free of contract for £630 ( that will set you back a whopping $1,020 ). Auch?

Still staying around the old continent, Amazon Germany is having the Samsung Galaxy S2 priced at the 599 EUR mark, which translates into $830, a price tag which seems again a touch more reasonable than those practiced in the UK, yet still higher than what we saw in Switzerland. Do those Swiss retailers have a small factory making copies of the Samsung Galaxy S2 as we speak, getting ready to flood the market with high quality copies? Until now, it sure seems so.

Last but not least, heading over to the other part of the planet, MobiCity is offering the Samsung Galaxy S2 in Australia for the price of AU$899. For those of you wondering how much that means in US dollars, I’ll be keeping your attention by making you read this and then telling you it’s $912, which again makes it a hefty touch more expensive than what we saw in Switzerland.

For the time being there are still some major differences in the Samsung Galaxy S2 pricing all around the world, but it seems that if you wish to purchase this dual-core powered, 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus covered super smartphone, you will have to start saving up those dollars.

If you are interested in getting it for the lowest price ( yeah, I know that it’s still $700+ ) you might want to consider ordering it from the Swiss retailer Digitec, which seems to have the most reasonable price tag.

As far as the Samsung Galaxy S2 release date goes, the rumored initial March launch has been moved to the month of May ( still rumored, no official Samsung Galaxy S2 release date has been provided yet ). lists a tentative May 6th Samsung Galaxy S2 release date while Expansys says the phone will be available on May 9th. For more details on the Samsung Galaxy S2 release date hit the previous link.

Until next time, keep your eyes on this page as we will be bringing you the latest developments regarding the Samsung Galaxy S 2 pricing and much more!

  • Harry

    I think you will find that the UK pricing includes VAT. Handtec is selling them for 430 pounds.

  • avi

    I hope it’s coming to T-Mobile in the US!

  • Catalin

    @Harry – 430 GBP is still roughly $700

    @Avi – don’t hold your breath on it. The Samsung Galaxy S II just hit the FCC and it seems it will be heading to AT&T ( according to the GSM bands at least ). It might get to T-Mobile, but that would be speculation at the moment :)

    • Aj

      It was confirmed in the end of feb that gs2 w/b offical tmo carrier, also att was mentioned but not confirmed. but tmo w/b a go, we tmo customers have been let down b4. lol

      • Aaron

        Why do you abbreviate so much. Also show me that confirmation. I’d love to see it.

  • Catalin

    Ohhhh the hate in the discussion :) can’t you just be happy that it’s finally coming out ( well… sorta…) :D

  • Tahir

    When its coming to India & what is the expected price????

  • Azizbek

    I was looking forward to Samsung galaxy s 2 on sale but just now knowing the price makes me upset !!! Hopefully I’ll be able to buy it.

  • Zoo

    this is pathetic…. India is its largets market and yet samsung has failed to give it priority.. i dont know if i will even wait to purchase the phone :(

  • Moneycounter

    CHF are worth more than dollars you know.

    • Moneycounter

      Are worth about the same*. 1 dollar = 0,92 CHF

  • Diego

    Hi there,

    You can get in New Zealand for NZD$869 no contract – I don’t know how much that is in USD$ but NZD$1 = USD$0.84c so that could make it around USD$730 if my calculations are right.

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