Samsung Galaxy S2 To Become Even More Powerful - Release Date: September

Samsung Galaxy S2 USA: Sprint’s Version To Be Called Samsung Epic Touch 4G ? Rumored Release Date: September

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We’ve previously and very recently talked about Verizon’s plans to change the branding of their Samsung Galaxy S2 model from the rumored Function name-tag to Fascinate 2 or maybe into Samsung Galaxy S2 “Stratosphere”.

Now, most of us might be in agreement that Verizon was in a need of a new name for their GS2 but we didn’t really had any complaints regarding the AT&T’s Attain or Sprint’s Within. However, Sprint has decided ( according to the latest rumors ) that Verizon should not be left alone in this “name-changing” game and it has joined the Big Red under the spotlight.

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S2 To Be Released As Samsung Epic Touch 4G ? Rumored Release Date: September

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S2 To Be Released As Samsung Epic Touch 4G ? Rumored Release Date: September

So, long story short, rumor has it that Sprint might actually not be satisfied with their name pick concerning the Samsung Galaxy S2, and there is a chance that they are planning on changing the name into Samsung Epic Touch 4G, letting us know from the start that we are about to get our hands on a top notch piece of technology.

So, to sum this up, Verizon has gone through one name change until now and a second one is rumored, Sprint might have taken Verizon’s example and we could witness a name change as well, and all that it remains is to see if AT&T will join them. Probably not, as “AT-Tain” is quite an appropriate name for an AT&T device, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, to a slightly more important matter, Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Samsung Epic Touch 4G is rumored to get a September release date. A bit later than what we expect from Verizon but there you go, we’re finally able to talk about the Samsung Galaxy S2 US release date after quite a long time.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this hall trend regarding the renaming of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S2. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we find out more about the carrier’s plans concerning the GS2.

Thanks BGR for letting us know about the possible Samsung Epic Touch 4G branding of Sprint’s Galaxy S2.