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Wi-Fi Only Motorola Xoom Release Date – April 2011 ?

by bogdan on January 17, 2011

As you probably know we talked about the Motorola Xoom specs last week and now we’re back with another exciting piece of news, especially for those that, for some reason, don’t want to get involved with a 3G connection or the data plan that comes with it – this year’s April will be bringing the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom release date.

Is this official you might ask yourself? You bet, because it seems that Maurizio Angelone offered Infobae in Argentina official confirmation regarding a Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom that has an April release date. This is sooner than the 3G version of the tablet and is good news indeed.

Wi-Fi Only Motorola Xoom Release Date - April 2011 ?

Wi-Fi Only Motorola Xoom Release Date - April 2011 ?

The bad part in all this is that a question could arise as to whether the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom would show its face only in Argentina or all over the world, as Infobae didn’t provide any additional details about the issue. And the pricing of the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom is also placed in a black hole.

But let’s face it, a month more or less is not really the issue here, though I’m sure many people wouldn’t mind getting their hands on the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom rather sooner than later. The fact is that we have official confirmation that Motorola is bringing a Wi-Fi version of the Xoom and this is the most important part.

No other info has been released at the moment, but I assume that the specs of the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom will be the same as the 3G version, as it will be featuring a 10.1-inch screen, two cameras ( with 720p HD video support ), the powerful Tegra 2 dual core processor with 1 GHz speed ( for a total of 2 GHz ) and not to mention the Android 3.0 Honeycomb with loads of new features and applications that will surely suit everyone’s needs. For more info regarding the specs, you can take a look at the promo that has been released for the Motorola Xoom.


All in all, we’ll be waiting for further info about the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom, especially regarding the actual marketplaces where it will be released. Personally, I don’t think Argentina will be the only country where it will be launched in April, but that’s just my guess, let’s wait and see.

Many thanks to IntoMobile for offering us the news about the Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom release date.

  • ben

    Maybe we dont want to get involved with a 3g connection because our smartphones already cost too much. With an android phone, who needs a 3g tablet? Just want a damn wifi tablet!

    • The Choir

      Trust me there are way more people that want the wifi version than the 3G version. Let’s just see if motorola gets it right.

  • jesterking

    I don’t want to jump on the 3g version because lets face it, I will only use this in locations that have wifi as it is. So why would I want another monthly bill for something I would barely, if ever, use? cell network capable tablets, honestly make no sense. If you are using it out in the middle of no where, where there isn’t any wifi, you probably wont have cell reception as well. So what’s the point?

    wifi only please.

  • jon

    you guys are speaking only of the US market. Where I live, in SE Asia, 3G or GPRS, is much more prevalent than wifi. I’ve been in the middle of the jungle, and my cell service works just fine, as does data service on my htc desire. So, I want the 3G unit.

    • mani

      If you have an Htc Desire, the Wifi only version will still be useful, as your Htc Desire may act as a Wifi hotspot, providing Internet access to the tablet, and so you only need 3G access in one of your devices.
      Of course, if you have broadband at home, etc. is more convenient, but even if that is not the case, I find the Wifi only version more appealing.

  • kody banks

    Apples Wi-Fi only tablet out sold the 3g versions by a lot.

    • The Archetect

      Something Tells me that apple’s 3g tablet would have sold better on a carrier other than the only one that it is currently available for at a ridiculous tiered pricing strategy, given that particular networks ability to miraculously drop your connection, whenever you walk maybe a foot in any given direction, or even look at a tunnel, but point taken.

  • Daeva

    I have one main concern that keeps bugging me and was wondering if anyone knows better.

    Of all the pictures and demo videos i’ve seen, the XOOM is always portrayed in landscape. Has anyone seen it in portrait mode or if at all it can turn around like the IPAD? I know its only a slight drawback if it doesnt but i would like to prepare myself for any disappointments :)

    • Amazingess

      Unfortunately there will be now portrait mode (currently). @ CES one of the guys that were showing me the device said there will be no portrait mode, but he also said that he wouldn’t be surprised if a software update “brought out” the portrait mode. Either way I wouldn’t mind, but your right, it would be nice. :p

  • REO

    ZDNet has a video with a working ZOOM (not video playback demo)

    • REO

      typo: XOOM

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  • julz

    I have used the xoom and in some cases it does work in portrait mode but on the other hand there are many apps including the market itself that are only optimized for landscape mode and will not let you use the device in portrait mode at all when you are in those apps. I do also think that a software update will fix this problem because it is much easier to type in portrait rather than in landscape and it is also the convienience to be able to use it how ever you want when you want to make it personal to you.

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