Apple Rumored To Introduce Glassless 3D Display On The Next iPhone

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The iPhone 6 is as fresh as it can be, but if history is any indication, rumors regarding the upcoming iPhone will soon start to surface at a steady rate, until later in 2015 – when we’ll be assaulted by a ton of information regarding the matter. As is usually the case, chances are that we will deal with a large number of reports that promise various features and technical aspects that sound like they’ve been pulled from Sci-Fi movies. None of these types of rumors have become a reality in the past and it’s safe to assume that they won’t become so in the near future either.

There’s also a third type of iPhone-related rumor, which basically proposes that a particular kind of “doable” technology will be implemented on the next generation iPhone, but raises the question as to whether or not Apple would actually find any uses for the said feature. Such is the case with the latest rumor regarding the next-gen iPhone, suggesting that Apple may employ a glassless 3D display for next year’s model. More details after the break.

Apple Rumored To Introduce Glassless 3D Display On The Next iPhone

Apple Rumored To Introduce Glassless 3D Display On The Next iPhone

Apple to Introduce Glassless 3D Display on the Next iPhone?

Sources cited by the Taiwanese media have recently suggested that the next iPhone will employ a glassless 3D display, or at least that Apple is taking this idea into consideration. In addition, these sources claim that Apple is also planning on creating a 3D “hardware and software ecosystem”. We don’t know what hardware ecosystem means (VR?) but a software ecosystem definitely makes sense if this kind of tech is to be more than a gimmick.

The source also notes that glassless 3D displays cannot be built using in-cell touch technology. Since the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple has been using in-cell touch panels for its smartphones, and TPK has no longer produced these types of panels for the company’s smartphone line-up (though they’ve continued producing them for the iPads). As such, the source also speculates that TPK could get back in the game next year in order to help in the creation of the fabled glassless 3D display.

Whatever the case, a 3D smartphone screen is nothing new. HTC dabbled with this type of technology before, and LG did too. Not too mention Amazon’s Fire Phone which turned out to be a disaster (from a business point of view). Sadly, consumers found this feature to be rather useless, and the aforementioned companies failed to win over the market. Glassless 3D smartphone displays have become a thing of the past, so it does sound a bit far-fetched for Apple to want and use one for the 2015 iPhone (iPhone 7?). Then again, Apple has reinvented previously failed (or non-impressive) technologies before (including the touchscreen, the fingerprint scanner, the tablet and more), so if the Cupertino-based giant would actually find a real use for a glassless 3D smartphone display, then it could be quite interesting event for the market as a whole.

In the end however, we advise you to treat this rumor accordingly and remain skeptical. We’ll keep you posted if we find out more, but don’t hold your breath.


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