Nokia Amber Update Release Date: Late August/Early September? Nokia Lumia 920 Given Top Priority?

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Chances are that if your a Nokia Lumia owner, you’re anxiously waiting for the Nokia Amber update (which will include the Windows Phone 8 GDR 2 update). Until now, only the Nokia Lumia 925 owners have been enjoying the features and tweaks the Amber update is bringing (the device came with the update pre-installed). Also the upcoming Nokia Lumia 1020 cameraphone will run on Windows phone 8 GDR 2 + Amber out of the box.

But what about the Nokia Lumia 920, 820, 720, 620 and 520 owners? you might ask. When are these handsets going to receive the update? Well, if until today we knew that the Amber is quickly approaching, we didn’t have a time-frame to work with. Join us after the break for more details.

Nokia Amber Update Release Date

Nokia Amber Update Release Date: Late August/Early September

As some of you might know, yesterday Nokia announced that on August 16th, the first Amber enabled Lumia (the Nokia Lumia 925) will be introduced to the Taiwanese market. When asked about the Nokia Amber update for the other Lumia smartphone’s, Nokia Taiwan’s PR company has responded that the rollout will begin in late August / early September. The bad news if you don’t own the Nokia Lumia 920, is that the aforementioned device will be given top priority which probably translates to “if you own any other Lumia model, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer“.

We don’t know if the aforementioned late August / early September window is valid for a worldwide release or only for the Taiwanese market, but even if the exact dates won’t coincide, the timeframe should be roughly the same.

According to a recently leaked list, the Nokia Lumia Amber update will bring quite a handful of new features: FM Radio, Flip to Silence, new camera software and features, Data Sense (for compressing and monitoring data usage), Xbox Music and many other improvements.

Are you excited about the upcoming release of the Nokia Lumia 920 Amber update? Are you pissed off that the 920 will be given “top prority”? Let us know in the comments section.

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