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Nokia Catwalk (T-Mobile) and Nokia Laser / Lumia 928 (Verizon) – Lumia 920’s Successors ?

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Nokia Catwalk and Laser / Lumia 928 To Walk In Lumia 920’s Footsteps ?

Great news for all you Windows Phone 8 and Nokia fans out there! As you must know by now, Nokia’s flagship, the Lumia 920, is exclusively available at AT&T in the States, but this doesn’t mean you won’t still be able to enjoy Nokia’s best smartphone yet one way or another, even if you don’t want to switch carriers.

According to recent news, both T-Mobile and Verizon are planning to release two Nokia smartphones based on the top-notch Lumia 920. Pretty exciting, right? Join us after the break for the whole story!

Nokia Catwalk (T-Mobile) and Nokia Laser / Lumia 928 (Verizon) - Lumia 920's Successors ?

Nokia Catwalk (T-Mobile) and Nokia Laser / Lumia 928 (Verizon) – Lumia 920’s Successors ?

Nokia Lumia Catwalk and Laser – What We Know

That’s right, folks! According to rumors, you will soon be able to enjoy all the goodies of a top-notch WP 8 smartphone as T-Mobile has plans to release Nokia Lumia 920’s successor this summer. Known by the codename of Nokia Catwalk, this new flagship handset is rumored to feature an aluminum body, thus moving away from the poly-carbonate look that the Finnish manufacturer accustomed us with.

But T-Mobile’s customers won’t be the only ones able to enjoy a Nokia Lumia 920-based smartphone as Verizon has plans to release its own version, the Lumia 928, also know by the codename of Nokia Laser (again, all this is based on rumors, nothing is official … yet).

Regarding the specs and features on these two upcoming devices, nothing much is known at this point, but we can safely assume the specs will be based on Lumia 920’s internal hardware, while the rumored aluminum body suggests that the handsets will be lighter and thinner than their predecessor.

As always, stay posted and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more information. In the meantime, are you looking forward to getting your hands on one of these two handsets?

Thanks Phone Arena for the heads-up regarding the Nokia Catwalk and Nokia Laser.

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