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Nokia Catwalk (T-Mobile) – Its Only Weakness To Be Windows Phone 8 ?

by Alina Rosu on March 10, 2013

Nokia Catwalk and Eldar Murtazin

Remember Nokia Catwalk, the Lumia 920 based device rumored to be Nokia’s newest flagship smartphone?  Well, even though the existence of this device hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, a recent statement made by Eldar Murtazin, a popular Russian tech blogger, seems to suggest the Catwalk rumors are accurate.

Although he’s known for his shaky history with the Finish manufacturer, as he previously made acid remarks regarding the Nokia N8, the Russian finally had some nice things to say about a Nokia product, while picking on one of its most important features at the same time.

 Nokia Catwalk (T-Mobile) - Its Only Weakness To Be Windows Phone 8 ?

Nokia Catwalk (T-Mobile) – Its Only Weakness To Be Windows Phone 8 ?

Nokia Catwalk – A Stunning Phone Hindered by Its OS ?

Apparently, the past misunderstandings have been forgotten and Nokia invited Murtazin along with a few more tech journalists into a ‘secret room’ at this year’s Mobile World Congress and showed them a few of Nokia’s upcoming flagship devices.

This time around, Murtazin praised the aforementioned manufacturer’s device (thought to be the rumored Catwalk) with its thin aluminum body and PureView Phase 2 camera, saying it could be one of the most popular smartphones of the year, if only it were powered by Android and not the Windows Phone 8 operating system.

This statement made waves around the blogosphere as the opinions on the matter are divided. Some feel that an Android Nokia would sell much better, while others are happy with Windows Phone and like to have more operating systems to choose from.

So what is your opinion on the matter? Do you think that Android would make Nokia more popular or you feel like the market is already over-saturated with Android smartphones and the Windows Phone OS is a welcomed breeze of fresh air? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Thanks Android Central for the heads-up regarding Eldar Murtazin’s Nokia Catwalk statement.

  • auziez

    I would cry if it looked like that, all in a good way of course =D

  • Andre Santiago

    I welcome Android Nokia.

  • Rick

    I don’t want to see another high-end phone lagging with Android. Please stick with Windows Phone!

  • Pedal_Harder

    Since WP8 is a far better OS then any version of Android it makes sense that a new high end phone would use the better OS.

  • Stonesplace

    I’m an iOS user, I’ve used both droid and windows 8 for the the mobile device. Droid has nothing on windows 8 other than more apps. Watch Nokia take a large share of the market . As soon as I see a Nokia phone that’s far better than the iPhone 5, goodbye apple! Droid has had it’s day it needs to work on its interface and security. Allowing anything in is great if you want to hack about but if your a business user it’s very scary. Selection though of either droid or Windows I’d welcome but personally I’d back Windows 8. Great for phones crap for laptopsdesktops bring back the start button in the desktop for a killer combination of both worlds. Obviously debatable happy to accommodate a discussion.


  • Freddy

    I’m waiting for this phone,,, please stay with Windows 8 OS!!

  • gareth2w

    Android is just a copy of iOS, Apple already had the high end for that design, and Samsung has everything else going down to the low end.
    WP looks different and is refreshingly simple to use, no reason to change to Android now, especially now that things are profitable (something that only really Samsung had claim in the Android world, LG has recently broken even).

  • opteron opteron

    Resistance to change is not going to stop Windows Phone from taking over the mobile experience with its live tiles. We’re experiencing a UI Design paradigm shift and some are going to resist it which is normal but that won’t stop change!

    • sun_dog

      I wouldn’t go that far in a prediction, but I do think IOS7 will have some sort of live tile action, or maybe just a ‘live’ home screen that you might be able to use without accessing the good old wall of tiles.

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  • disqus_gOiOsqxHqL

    Android is not very secure I had apps disappear, apps loading on their own, etc. The only thing holding back Nokia and Windows Phone 8 is poor Marketing!

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