Nokia Lumia 920 in UK: Release Date and Price Guide (Everything Everywhere)

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We’ve eagerly waited for this moment to arrive and well, it’s here! Microsoft has officially unveiled its latest Windows Phone 8 platform and by doing so, the Redmond Giant has padded the road for smartphone manufacturers to launch their latest WP 8-powered flagship phones.

Such is the case with the Nokia Lumia 920 and this gadget has already seen the light of day in Canada via Rogers, although chances are you won’t find it every store out there as the availability looks to be pretty limited. You can try your luck though and you might end up with a beautiful black 920 in your pocket.

As for the handset’s release in other regions, UK retailers are now making preparations as well, so if you happen to reside in this region then join us after the break and learn the details.

Nokia Lumia 920 in UK: Release Date and Price Guide

Nokia Lumia 920 in UK: Release Date and Price Guide

Nokia Lumia 920 in UK – Release Date and Price

It seems that Nokia is really enjoying its exclusivity deals as they’re not stopping at signing up only with AT&T in the US and Rogers in Canada. Nokia’s flagship phone will hit the UK market in an exclusive manner, but thankfully, this time around the “exclusive” bit is somewhat more lenient.

As a result, you’ll be able to buy the Lumia 920 via EE (Everything Everywhere) so you’ll at least have the option of choosing between T-Mobile UK and Orange in case the tariffs offered by the 4G network are not really your cup of tea. The Lumia 920 will be made available in this region starting with November 2nd and you’ll have the option to pick-up a white, black, yellow or red flavor.

You’ll also be able to pick a Lumia 920 up from Phones4U and although you won’t have the possibility to buy Nokia’s flagship phone SIM-free from any other retailers, the promotional material suggests that Phones4U will make the unlocked gadgets available for £459.

The exclusivity with EE should last until the end of the year, but rumor has it that Nokia might extend the contract because they’re supposedly focusing on delivering their latest WP 8-powered handset through UK retailers that can provide a “premium experience”. Sounds familiar and Microsoft took this idea even further by skipping the middle man and making some investments into retailing its Surface tablet only through their pop-up stores.

In any case, in theory you should be able to buy the Lumia 920 in the UK tomorrow, so do you have any plans regarding the matter?

Thanks WPCentral for the heads-up regarding the Nokia Lumia 920 release date and price in UK.

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