Report: Nokia Working On Multiple Android Phones, To Be Launched In The May-June Timeframe

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The Mobile World Congress is on its way, and as usual, we’re expecting a ton of interesting gadgets to be unveiled during the event. Numerous smartphone makers will use this opportunity to showcase their products, and based on previous reports, we might also get to see the mysterious Nokia X (ex Normandy) at the Finnish manufacturer’s booth.

The Normandy – or the Nokia X – has been the subject of a lot of debate during these past several months. Initially the smartphone was considered canceled due to Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, but newer reports have strengthened the theory that the Normandy will actually become a reality. But the story doesn’t end here, and according to the latest, Nokia might launch multiple Android devices in the near future. Crazy, right? Check back after the break for the full story.

Nokia Working On Multiple Android Phones, To Be Launched In The May-June Timeframe

Nokia Working On Multiple Android Phones, To Be Launched In The May-June Timeframe

Is Nokia Working on Multiple Android Phones?

Earlier today, the Chinese media has cited “inside sources” from Artesyn Technologies, claiming that Nokia will release multiple Android devices in the foreseeable future. Reportedly, the X is merely a low-end model, but the Finnish manufacturer intends on expanding its horizons with Android flagship devices. More so, the sources also suggest that Nokia has been testing several other “beta” Android smartphones for many months, and that these gadgets are waiting for FCC approval.

The story continues, as the source also suggests that the handful of Android Nokia smartphones will be released sometime within the May-June time-frame. Also, if these rumors are spot-on, the Nokia X will supposedly hit the shelves at the price of 1,500 yuan (roughly $US 250).

Now, you may be wondering what “Artesyn Technologies” has to do with Nokia, and the answer is pretty simple. Artesyn is a world leader in design, manufacture and sale of embedded board solutions and power conversion for networking, wireless and telecommunication systems, among other things. The interesting part is that Nokia is one of Artesyn’s clients (along with Dell, IBM, HP and others). As such, these “inside sources” might now something that we don’t.

Whatever the case, we suggest you take these rumors with a pinch of salt, at least until more data that would give more weight to these claims pops-up. Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts below.