Nokia X Teasing Continues, This Time With An UFO and a Puppy…

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The fact that the Android powered Nokia X is as real as it gets has been all but officially confirmed, thanks to the huge amount of leaks and rumors. And with February 24th (the date MWC will open its doors) just around the corner, Nokia itself has been teasing, via its official Weibo account, its first Android powered smartphone.

The manufacturer has been promoting the upcoming announcement through a series of somewhat strange symbols: two monkeys, a tree whose roots form what looks either like a DNA strand or an X (or both), and a treasure map (X Marks The Spot). And just in case you wanted more, a new teaser has just been published, on the same Weibo account. Take a look.


Now, why would Nokia use an UFO (you can’t miss the X on it) and a puppy to tease the Nokia X? One could argue that the Android powered device would feel like an alien amidst Nokia’s Windows Phone line-up, but we’re not sure that’s what Nokia is trying to convey.

What do you think? What’s the meaning behind the puppy’s abduction by the alien vessel? And for God’s sakes Nokia! The Tree! What’s with the tree?


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