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Official HTC One Ace Specs and Photos Surface Ahead Of Announcement

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Following a series of interesting leaks and rumors, the mysterious HTC One Ace is now getting ready for its official announcement, which -according to the Taiwanese manufacturer- should take place on June 3 in Beijing. The device in question has enjoyed its fair share of leaked material, and in fact, these past several weeks have been quite intense, reminding us of the hype that has been built up ahead of the HTC One M8’s official announcement (and release).

In any case, the time for leaks is not yet over for the HTC One Ace, and as a matter of fact, we’ve now gotten our hands on what seems to be a handful of pictures and specs that will supposedly be showcased on the smartphone’s pre-order page, once it goes live. Let’s have a look!

Official HTC One Ace Specs and Photos Surface Ahead Of Announcement

Official HTC One Ace Specs and Photos Surface Ahead Of Announcement

HTC One Ace Specs and Photos Surface

With just a few days left before the HTC One Ace becomes official, the smartphone in question is sure enjoying its time under the spotlight. Today, the ton of screenshots you see in the gallery below has been leaked on the Chinese blogosphere, giving us a much clearer view on how the Ace will attempt to impress us.

Based on the leaked material, the HTC One Ace has now been confirmed to borrow the same overall design language from the One series, boasting front-facing Boom Sound stereo speakers and a unibody shell by the looks of it (which will be built out of plastic). Inside, the HTC One Ace will pack a Snapdragon 801 SoC with a quad-core CPU clocked at 2.5 GHz, and although it doesn’t seem to borrow the Duo Camera UltraPixel setup from the One M8, it does feature a 13 MP main camera, complemented by a 5 MP front-facing sensor.

As evidenced by the above pic, the HTC One Ace will come in 4 colors: red, blue, white and black.

The packaging for the Collector’s Edition has also made a comeback in this batch of screenshots, boasting the same combination of CMF (color, material, finish) devised by Jamy Yang of Yang Design. No details about the hardware have been disclosed though, so we’re still wondering if the Collector’s Edition will differentiate itself from the regular variant in any other way aside from its packaging.

Either way, the HTC One Ace is expected to become official on June 3, which means that all of our queries will be answered soon. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.