Oppo N1 Cameraphone Confirmed and Teased, To Be Announced Next Month

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If we were to characterize Oppo we would say that the Chinese manufacturer is the hot new kid on the block. The company entered the smartphone market only in 2011 and has since managed to capture even the attention of the western market (Huawei and ZTE have been at it for years, with questionable results).

Anyway, while everybody is keen to see how the Oppo Find 7 (the successor of the successful Find 5) will look like and to find out what specs and features it will pack, Oppo seems to have a different gadget in the pipeline. And since 2013 will go down in history as the year of the camera-phone resurgence (Galaxy S4 Zoom, Sony Honami, Nokia Lumia 1020), why wouldn’t Oppo try its hands at something similar? Enter the Oppo N1 Cameraphone.

As some of you might remember, the N1 has been first leaked almost two weeks ago. However, if you weren’t convinced that the device is real, this should set things straight: Oppo just made it official. More details after the break.

oppo n1

Previously Leaked Oppo N1 Pic

The good news is that Oppo has announced today, via its official Weibo account, that the N1 is real. Even better, the manufacturer has disclosed that the device will be unveiled next month and has even posted some kind of company road-map and an N1 teaser image. Check them out.



The manufacturer did not reveal any other info regarding its smartphone, but the Oppo N1 is rumored to feature a 12MP camera, a Xenon flash, and a new sensor called “Owl” which will supposedly deliver a great low-light performance (as photography is concerned, of course) .

Seeing that Oppo usually releases its devices not only in its home country but also in Europe and North America we’re definitely excited to see what this new contender has up its sleeve. Let’s hope that the big boys out there will have a worthy opponent in the Oppo N1.

Question: Does it mean that Oppo Find 7 won’t be released this year? Let us know what you think.

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