New Oppo N1 Leak Shows How Massive This Thing Will Be

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The Chinese mobile industry has been on fire lately, with almost all the major players announcing new devices in a relative small time-frame. Huawei announced the Honor / Glory 3, Meizu took the wraps off the MX3, and Xiaomi unveiled its Mi3 flagship.

One of the Chinese manufacturers that has achieved in a couple of years what big companies like Huawei and ZTE have been trying to for years now (that’s Western recognition) is Oppo, who’s latest flagship, the Find 5, has managed to impress us. Well, it’s common knowledge that Oppo will also release a new flagship this year (no, not the Find 7), but instead of announcing every detail about it, the company has been teasing us with various features for quite a while now.

We already know that the Oppo N1 will feature a big a** screen (5,9 inches, 0.2 inches in diagonal bigger than the latest Galaxy Note), but thanks to a fresh new leak, we can now get an idea just how huge this device will be. Check it out!

Oppo N1

It looks really big doesn’t it? Well, i guess Oppo knew what it was doing when it decided to design and implement a touch-panel on the back of the smartphone (not that such a control method wouldn’t come handy in other, smaller yet big, devices).

The source of the leak also mentions a few Oppo N1 features and specs: 5.9 inch display (already official info), metal frame, 3500 mAh battery, back mounted touch-panel (already official), fast charge (2 hours), and wireless external optical accessories (previously hinted by Oppo).

Oppo will announce everything that makes its upcoming device tick on September 23rd, but more details are bound to surface soon. Stay tuned for more.


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