Oppo N1: Tons of New Leaks, Rumors and Official Info

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The Oppo N1 is probably one of the most intriguing and exciting – unreleased – smartphones right now, which is rather odd to say, considering the fact that Chinese brands aren’t usually surrounded by excitement, at least not outside their home country.

Nonetheless, Oppo seems to be one of the few Chinese smartphone manufacturers capable to deliver top-shelve products that can successfully penetrate the Western market, and the Oppo N1 is by far one of the most ambitious smartphones we’ve “seen” so far.

As proof of that, we have a handful of recently leaked bits of information regarding the device (including an official teaser trailer), and same as before, we are quite impressed.


Oppo N1 – New Exciting Rumors

It shouldn’t be a surprise to our readers that the Oppo N1 is supposed to be a cameraphone. This little detail has been confirmed a while back, but the interesting part is where the N1 “threatens” to become one of the best camera-centric smartphones on the market.

According to reports, Oppo’s intentions are to make the N1 a good alternative to a DSLR. Oppo has already announced that the shooter will feature detachable lens attachments which will transfer the photos to the smartphone via NFC, but that’s not all. According to recent rumors, the sensor will benefit from long exposure options. This is something we usually expect to find on the more capable dedicated cameras out there, but not on smartphones. And if you think about it, some Oppo N1 teasers could actually hint the presence of the aforementioned feature.


Long Exposure Example

Long Exposure Example

But stepping out of the realm of rumors, we’re greeted with a brand new official teaser video that has been recently published by Oppo. This teaser shows us part of the building process of the N1, and it invites us to be ready for the handset’s big announcement which will take place on September 23.

As far as the handset’s design goes, the teaser trailer reveals many elements that we’ve seen before, and the leaked render we’ve seen several days ago also seems to match the extremely thin bezel that has been hinted in the clip.


But wait, that’s not all. Some more live shots of the Oppo N1 have surfaced. Check them out.




So, to make a quick recap, the Oppo N1 might hit the market packing a 12 MP camera with Sony lens and an f/2.2 aperture. The gadget should also feature a 5.9 inch display, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box and a touch-sensitive back panel.

According to a fresh rumor, the handset might also go on sale at the price of 4,000 Yuan (in China), which roughly translates into $650 give or take. That’s a pretty sweet deal, assuming that the handset will indeed pack so many killer features. I guess we’ll find out on September 23.

Leaked Pics via Mobile163

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