Oppo N3 Confirmed To Feature An “Aerospace Grade Metal” Build

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So far 2014 has been one of the most exciting years for gadget enthusiasts, for several reasons. Of course, the obvious ones would be that Apple has released its redesigned iPhones, but there’s actually much more to it than that. The smartwatch market gained more grip this year too; the OnePlus One quickly became a phenomenon, and several Android smartphone manufacturers (such as HTC and LG) have managed to increase their influence thanks to successful devices such as the One M8 and LG G3.

In addition, countless emerging manufacturers continue to gain more time under the spotlight, as some of these companies seem to be hell-bent on innovating the mobile scene. Such is the case with Oppo, who seems to concentrate a lot of its efforts on the intriguing, upcoming N3 flagship phone. The handset in question is rumored to introduce a brand new cooling system, and according to a fresh report from the manufacturer itself, the smartphone will also feature an “aerospace grade metal” build.

Oppo N3 Confirmed To Feature An "Aerospace Grade Metal" Build

Oppo N3 Confirmed To Feature An “Aerospace Grade Metal” Build

Oppo N3 Confirmed to Boast an Aerospace Grade Metal Body

Through its official Weibo account, earlier today, Oppo revealed that the upcoming Oppo N3 will be “Built for what may come”. More specifically, the flagship phone will apparently be built out of “aerospace grade metal” which will reportedly strike a great balance between lightweight and resilience. Of course, “aerospace grade metal” doesn’t really help us figure out the exact material planned to be used, and it can technically range from stainless or nickel steel to titanium. Our guess is that the body will not be built of something too exotic or extremely expensive, but rather from a lightweight alloy.

In any case, the company seems to have big plans for the Oppo N3 and with each new bit of the puzzle that we uncover, we’re getting more and more excited by the smartphone’s eventual market release. Any thoughts?


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