Oppo To Launch A VR Headset Alongside The Oppo N3?

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Since the beginning of the week, the Oppo N3 made it in the headlines almost every day. It all began on Monday when the first official render depicting the device was published by Oppo themselves, and the story continued even further when the company’s CEO revealed several new details regarding he N3’s primary shooter and its capabilities. A couple of days ago the smartphone’s “smart rotating camera” was also demoed on video, so it’s pretty obvious that the manufacturer intends to keep the fire burning until the smartphone will make its official appearance later this month.

Oddly enough though, the latest pieces from Oppo’s puzzle suggest that the company might soon hop on the VR bandwagon, and that the upcoming N3 could be accompanied by its own VR headset. More details right after the break.

Oppo To Launch A VR Headset Along The Oppo N3?

Oppo To Launch A VR Headset Along The Oppo N3?

Oppo to Launch a VR Headset Along the Oppo N3?

Earlier today Oppo’s official Weibo account shared a new picture starring one Oppo employee in what appears to be the company’s home office, wearing a VR headset that bears the “Oppo” logo. No other details have been revealed by the company, but it’s quite obvious that Oppo’s next move is to join the VR playfield with its own headset. In any case, we’re guessing that the gadget will be paired up with the Oppo N3, in a similar manner as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 can be mated with the Gear VR.

Some of you might also be aware that Samsung and Facebook officials recently met in order to discuss the future of VR, and numerous other companies have already showed an active interest in the VR market. Needless to say, the mobile segment is slowly becoming more than just a place for smartphones and tablets to coexist. The wearable market is growing in popularity as we speak, and for these past several months, the virtual reality concept appears to have shifted from the PC gaming scene towards mobile VR solutions. Whether or not Oppo will become a major VR player remains to be seen, but once again we tip our hats to the Chinese manufacturer for continuing to aim high.


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