Pantech Vega Secret UP: A Bestseller, Pantech Resurrection Going Strong

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As some of you might know, until recently, Pantech hasn’t been in a good place, from a financial standpoint. Its founder and vice chairman has resigned due to poor business performance, amidst rumors of various mergers and takeovers (one of the other companies rumored to be interested in Pantech being Sasmung, who actually owns 10% of its domestic competitor).

However, things started to look really good, as Pantech’s last bet (as it was seen at the time), the Pantech Vega Secret Note phablet, has been met with critical acclaim, and most importantly, has sold well enough (over 200K units in its first month on the shelves) to give Pantech’s supporters hope and to make the media come up with glorious headlines like “Pantech Ressurected!!!“. Well, we’re happy to say that Pantech’s fate looks brighter and brighter, as the company’s latest product, the 5.6 inch Pantech Vega Secret UP smartphone has sold even better than its predecessor. Join us after the break for more.


According to the Korean Media, Pantech announced today that it has shipped roughly 100K Vega Secret UP in the first 10 days since the smartphone’s release on the market, thus performing two times better than the Secret Note phablet. Everybody should note that these two devices are only available in South Korea, therefore the numbers are impressive, especially for Pantech.

The cited resons for Pantech Vega Secret UP’s success are the innovative “Sound Case” the manufacturer came up with, case that amplifies the sound coming from the smartphone, creating a concert-hall-like impression. This experience adds to the excellent audio quality this handset offers thanks to the implementation Qualcomm’s DRE (Dinamic Range Technology) which is backing up the “Free Lossless Audio Codec” 240bit/192Khz sound the Vega UP is capable of outputting.

Let’s hope that both the Pantech Vega Secret Note and Secret UP will soon become available on the international market.



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