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Qualcomm Powered Wearables To Be Launched Later This Year

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Qualcomm has become one of the most influential mobile chipmakers, as the company’s SoCs are currently being used in a very large number of smartphones, from low-range devices to flagship phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8.

With the wearable market constantly growing, we’ve been wondering when and if Qualcomm will decide to take part in it. After all, numerous big-time smartphone makers have either already launched their latest smartwatches, or they’re planning on doing so by the end of 2014. Evidently we’re not counting Qualcomm’s Toq, which is more of a prototype used to showcase the company’s latest tech.

New reports from the Taiwanese media are suggesting that Qualcomm is indeed planning on joining the wearable party in the foreseeable future. Join us after the break for the full story.

Qualcomm Powered Wearables To Be Launched Later This Year

Qualcomm Powered Wearables To Be Launched Later This Year

Qualcomm Powered Wearables To Be Launched In The Coming Months

At this point in time, Qualcomm has no chips ready for the wearable scene, but this should change soon. According to Qualcomm CDMA Technologoes Taiwan president Eddie Chang (cited by Taipei Times), Qualcomm has “all the technologies needed” in order to create wearable SoCs, and compete with the likes of MediaTek Inc, who has already dabbled in the smartwatch market.

While Eddie Chang has declined to reveal any details regarding the company’s future involvement in the wearable market, he did mention that we will see wearable devices carrying Qualcomm chips by the end of 2014. No partners or hardware specifications have been mentioned.

Qualcomm has apparently kept an eye on the wearable market for some time, and the company’s intentions were to jump on the bandwagon as soon as the wearable scene gained more grip.

With reports coming from market researchers suggesting that the amount of wearable devices shipped throughout 2014 will be three times larger than last year (for a total of 19 million units), it’s no wonder why Qualcomm has decided to break the silence. Besides, according to International Data Corp, the wearable market is expected to grow at the rate of 78.4% a year, with 111.9 million wearable gadgets being expected to be shipped in 2018.

Evidently, we’ll be keeping an eye on Qualcomm and hopefully we’ll learn more about whatever the chipmaker has in store for us later in the year. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted as soon as the story develops.



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