Report: Plastic Version Of The HTC One M8 Coming Really Soon, At Almost Half The Price Tag

As most of you know, the HTC One M8 has been released almost three weeks ago, managing to cut in front of its arch nemesis, the Galaxy S5, which has only been released a couple of days ago (not taking South Korea into account).

In the battle against the S5, one of the biggest arguments in favor of the HTC M8 is its metal / premium build. But what if we were to tell you that HTC is planning to release a plastic version of the M8, really soon? You’d probably think HTC has gone crazy … until you’d see the alleged price tag. Caught your interest? Stay with us for more.


According to a new report, HTC is planning on releasing a plastic HTC One M8 version, as soon as next month. According to the source of this rumor, there will be “no distinction” between the metal and plastic version of the M8, as far as configuration and design go. However, the alleged price tag of the plastic model will be set at 3000 yuan (about $483). Bear in mind that, in China, the metal built 4G (TD-LTE) HTC One M8 has been launched at 5299 yuan (roughly $853 USD), so if this info is legit, the difference in price would be huge.

Allegedly, the Taiwanese manufacturer sees the plastic M8 as “the same phone, but of different quality”.

Could this plastic HTC M8 be the rumored HTC Butterfly sequel? Traditionally, the Butterfly series has been made out of blastic built smartphones. However, one detail doesn’t add up. According to a recent benchmark listing, the next HTC Butterfly will loose the “Ultrapixel” camera in favor of a more traditional 13MP shooter.

What do you think? Would a plastic version of the HTC M8, with the same (or very similar) hardware configuration as its metal sibling, but priced so much lower, deliver a blow to Samsung and its Galaxy S5? Or it would even hamper the success of the metal M8? Let us know in the comments section.