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Samsung in 2014: Greater Focus On Smartphone Accessories and Peripherals

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Lately we’ve talked a lot about Samsung’s plans for 2014, but that’s only natural, given the fact that the company in question has become one of the most prominent smartphone and tablet manufacturers in the world.

There has been a lot of talk regarding Sammy’s future tablets, specifically about the fact that the manufacturer will focus on launching more AMOLED-equipped slates next year. Supposedly, Sammy is already getting ready to mass produce two AMOLED panels for its future tablets, measuring 8 and 10 inches respectively.

On the smartphone segment however, Samsung seems to be less ambitious than initially, as the Korean giant has recently lowered, according to sources, its 2014 smartphone sales target from 360 to 330 million. This is most likely due to the fact that the market has become saturated. Interestingly enough, we’ve now stumbled across reports indicating that Sammy intends on filling the gap not only with more tablets, but more smartphone accessories as well.

Samsung in 2014: Greater Focus On Smartphone Accessories and Peripherals

Samsung in 2014: Greater Focus On Smartphone Accessories and Peripherals

Samsung to Invest More in Smartphone Accessories and Peripherals

According to reports coming from the Korean media, Samsung is planning on balancing the lower smartphone sales with accessories and peripherals.

Since Samsung expects to sell, in 2014, fewer smartphones than initially anticipated (but still, with 40 million units more than in 2013), focusing on launching more accessories doesn’t seem like a good idea at first. However, Samsung has managed to sell roughly 2,89 billion phones over the last seven years, and while smartphone sales might slow down, the demand for accessories (such as covers, batteries etc) is apparently increasing constantly.

Word is that Sammy has greater plans for the peripheral market as well, which includes items like smartwatches. In other words, Samsung will try to make the Galaxy Gear 2 a winner, and by the sound of it, we might get to see more of these types of devices coming out of the company’s factory gates.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is supposedly going to hit the market at the same time as the Galaxy S5, and sources claim that the smartwatch in question will deliver more hardware and software features and improvements.

So, are there any types of Samsung accessories and peripherals that you’d like to see hitting the market next year?