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Samsung Almost Done With Its 64-bit CPU, To Be Found Inside Samsung Galaxy S5?

by Vlad Andrici on September 23, 2013

As most of you with an interest in the mobile industry know, Samsung made it clear, soon after the iPhone 5S has been announced, that its next smartphone will have “64-bit functionality“. And seeing how iPhone 5S’ 64-bit CPU (which is made by Samsung, by the way) completely blows everything out of the water (well, with the exception of Intel’s Bay Trail), we would say this is a really good thing. And yes, for those of you not up to speed yet, Android had the ability to work with 64-bit CPUs for a long time.

But when we’ll be able to buy such a Samsung smartphone with a 64-bit CPU? Will Samsung confine this tech to smartphones only? Join us after the break for some answers.

Samsung Almost Done With Its 64-bit CPU, To Be Found Inside Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Almost Done With Its 64-bit CPU, To Be Found Inside Samsung Galaxy S5?

Well, according to Korean media, Samsung is into the final stages of development of its 64-bit processor and the company’s next flagship (who else than the Samsung Galaxy S5?) should be powered by such a CPU. Good news huh? Well, it only gets better as Samsung will, in a completely logical move, also put the new tech at work inside some of its tablets.

Most people know that the move to a 64-bit architecture will allow manufacturers to increase the RAM memory of their devices. However, that’s not all. ARMv8 (the 64-bit architecture) has 31 registers, each 64-bits wide, which can be accessed at all times, potentially leading, according to the guys at AnandTech, to a 10% increase in performance. There are also other reasons why we should be really excited about the 64-bit CPUs coming to Android, but since they’re very technical, we recommend you to go and read the aforementioned AnandTech article.

So, are you excited about this? Did the Galaxy S5 suddenly top your list of most anticipated smartphones of 2014? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Jorge Jayson R Ulidan

    That will be great one! will see and will find out sometimes in 2014

  • Lord Of The Itards

    Samsung is so far ahead of the game it’s crazy

  • romy

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. But I will not camp out in front of the store though.

  • Dustin Kimble

    So judging by the leaps and bounds everything else is going, what about the screen tech? I don’t believe its gonna be enough to make it slightly larger and flexible, are we about to see 4k smartphone screens? Some of these companies need to begin working on reducing the about of wasted space on current screens. If not, I’ll just keep my note 3 (when it arrives) and wait out the contract and get the note 5, which is probably what I’ll do anyways unless they start doing some really groundbreaking nexus stuff or Motorola comes up with thought reading (would be my first Motorola).

  • Xiao Long Li

    Really exciting news to learn about the cpu, but fear we in the UK ( third world country ) will get a reduced dumbed down version to the rest of the world again like we got with the S4, definitely require upgraded camera ( why not 20 MP ) and waterproofing, a finger print scanner and a substantial upgrade in design and quality of case, come on Samsung introduce the curved screen with aluminium chassis and stereo speakers to the front of the case, also NFC wireless charging, doubt if we’ll get all this but then I can but dream lol… all the best everyone, Joe90. :-)

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