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Report: Samsung’s Apple A8 Yield Issues Greatly Exaggerated, Contract Already Signed

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At the beginning of February there have been rumors that Samsung might have to drop out of the Apple A8 race. In other words, while Samsung has been the manufacturer of Apple’s Ax chips for some time, these reports were suggesting that the Korean manufacturer might not be the one to handle the production of the next-gen A8 processor.

This rumor has been further strengthened by fresher reports that have arrived last week, when the Taiwanese media has reported that TSMC (or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) will be the sole manufacturer of the A8 SoC.

Allegedly, the reason behind this change in partnership lied in Samsung’s difficulties to produce the A8 chip and meet Apple’s quota.

We’re fairly sure that you already know the background story, assuming that you’ve been following us for the past several weeks, but the interesting bit is that, earlier today, new reports have revealed that the production issues faced by Samsung have been greatly exaggerated. What does this mean? Join us below and find out.

Report: Samsung's Apple A8 Yield Issues Greatly Exaggerated, Contract Already Signed

Report: Samsung’s Apple A8 Yield Issues Greatly Exaggerated, Contract Already Signed

Samsung to Produce the Apple A8 SoC, Side-by-Side with TSMC

Earlier today, the Korean media cited a Samsung official who wanted to remain anonymous. The official has revealed that the Korean giant will in fact mass produce Apple’s A8 chip, in its US Austin, Texas plant. Supposedly, the contract has already been signed, and Sammy is currently in the final testing phases of the A8 processor.

The source claims that the alleged yield issues mentioned during these past several weeks have been greatly exaggerated, and that Samsung is currently working diligently to meet Apple’s demands in time, despite the fact that the chip is not being mass produced yet. More so, as the sub-title above has already suggested, it appears that both Samsung and TSMC will produce the A8 processor, so no one is out of the race.

We should also point out that another industry insider cited by the Korean media has stated that the iPhone 6 will go on sale in the third quarter of the year. In theory, this should give Samsung a big enough timeframe to meet the required production yield.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as the story develops.