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Samsung Taking Battery Tech To The Next Level: Solid State, Flexible Batteries

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During these past several months, there have been quite a few reports concerning Samsung smartphones exploding, catching fire and even burning down apartments or causing physical injuries to owners. The situation is not really that clear, and some of these incidents may have been caused by the use of unofficial battery packs or chargers. Regardless, these events have not been too beneficial for Samsung.

Interestingly enough, we’ve now stumbled across interesting bits of information, indicating that the Korean giant is currently working on improving its technology, preventing these types of events from ever happening again. Check out the details below.

Samsung Developing Solid State, Flexible Batteries

Samsung Developing Solid State, Flexible Batteries

Samsung Developing Solid State Flexible Batteries?

Whether or not the aforementioned incidents have been caused by faulty official or unofficial batteries, truth of the matter is that today’s Lithium batteries are sometimes subject to a problem called “thermal runaway”. This is basically a process in which the temperature increases at an accelerated rate, causing destructive results.

Now, according to the Korean media, Samsung is working on developing solid state, flexible batteries that will no longer be subject to these types of issues. To be more precise, solid state batteries do exist, but they’re not really as powerful as the ones that are currently powering your smartphones.

The Korean manufacturer is now supposedly working on improving the solid state battery technology, and aims at making these units as powerful as the regular Li-Ion batteries by 2015.

Besides the fact that these solid state batteries will no longer explode or catch on fire, they will also be flexible, which will give Samsung the opportunity to create and improve its products, such as wearable gadgets like the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. We might even get to see a flexible smartphone in the future, or at least, bendable enough not to break when you sit on it.

In any case, we’re quite fond of the idea of improving the battery technology, and we’re hoping that Samsung will manage to pull this off and change the game by 2015. Any thoughts?