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Samsung To Enforce The Usage Of Genuine Accessories – Find Out How

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Last week we’ve discussed a bit about the rumors suggesting that Samsung is currently working on taking the battery technology to the next level. As we’ve mentioned before, throughout the year Samsung has dealt with quite a lot of negative publicity due to the fact that various Samsung smartphones have either caught on fire, or exploded.

The majority of these unfortunate happenings seem to have been linked with the usage of 3rd party battery packs and/or chargers, which brings us to a fresh and very interesting rumor coming straight from the Korean media. Long story short, Samsung might enforce the usage of genuine accessories in the future. More details below.

Samsung To Enforce The Usage Of Genuine Accessories - Find Out How

Samsung To Enforce The Usage Of Genuine Accessories – Find Out How

Samsung Working on Enforcing the Usage of Genuine Accessories?

According to the Korean media, Samsung is now considering the possibility of equipping its future smartphones and accessories with an ID chip. These chips will be used in identifying whether or not an accessory is genuine, and if the chip is missing, then your smartphone might not work properly anymore.

According to the source, the ID chip could be used in chargers, battery packs, and even covers. Evidently, this leads us to two main conclusions.

First of all, Samsung might want to avoid bad publicity from affecting its image in the future, due to the misuse of 3rd party / unofficial accessories. The Korean manufacturer might want to prevent its smartphones to blow, which is a really nice thought. On the other hand, it wouldn’t surprise us if Samsung might want to turn the tables, and use these unfortunate events in order to “weed out” and monopolize the accessory market. Smaller companies will either have to stop developing 3rd party accessories for Samsung devices, or they might be force to strike a deal with the Korean manufacturer, in order for them to become authorized partners and be able to use these official ID chips.

In the end, it seems like Samsung is dealing with a win-win scenario. How this will affect us, the consumers, remains to be seen, but if this becomes a reality, then I predict some slightly higher prices for genuine accessories. Any thoughts?