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Samsung Galaxy Camera Heading Towards AT&T – Release Date: “Coming Soon”

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Do you plan on purchasing a new gadget by the end of the year? Something special perhaps, out of the ordinary, not your regular smartphone or tablet? Well, in that case you might be interested in finding out more about the Archos GamePad which will allegedly hit the market by the end of this month. Not to your liking? Then how does a Sony PS3 Super Slim sound to you?

Well now, in case those two gadgets have not caught your attention and gaming isn’t really your cup of tea, then the Samsung Galaxy Camera might’ve managed to gain your interest. If that’s the case then you’ll be glad to know that at least one US carrier has confirmed its plans on retailing the gadget on these shores.

Samsung Galaxy Camera Heading Towards AT&T - Release Date: “Coming Soon”

Samsung Galaxy Camera Heading Towards AT&T - Release Date: “Coming Soon”

Samsung Galaxy Camera at AT&T

In case the Galaxy Camera sounds like a perfect gift for a friend or, why not ?, for yourself, then, according to AT&T, you’ll be able to buy one from its stores pretty soon.

We’ve already talked about this particular gadget so make sure you check out our in-depth Samsung Galaxy Camera Overview to familiarize yourself with the aces this point-and-shoot camera has up its sleeve (if you haven’t already), but on short, the Galaxy Camera comes with a 16 MP BSI shooter with 21x optical zoom, a quad-core processor clocked at 1.4 GHz, a 4.8 inch HD LCD screen and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The camera will also benefit from AT&T’s 4G network so that its owners can make use of the gadget’s full potential.

Details about pricing have not been revealed by AT&T at this point, but if we take into account the price-tags that have been previously listed by a UK retailer, we are not expecting the Galaxy Camera to be cheap. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that AT&T could offer the Galaxy Camera in a similar way the carrier offers its tablets, meaning that you may be able to pay a mere $10 for it, or around that sum, but you’ll then be tied to a shared data plan.

An exact release date has not been given but AT&T claims the gadget will hit its shelves in the “coming weeks”, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date as soon as we find out more.

Thanks Droid Life for the heads-up regarding the Samsung Galaxy Camera availability at AT&T.