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Report: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 To Be A Total Departure From The First Model (Fashionable, Flexible Display)

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Even if the Galaxy Gear is the world’s most popular smartwatch (800k units sold in the first two months), it has been criticized by the press (for good reasons we would say) for its bulky design and lack of innovative features.

Hell, even various Samsung officials recognized that the company can and should do better with its next smartwatch. And indeed, according to the latest reports, the Galaxy Gear 2 will be a total departure from the first model, at least as far as build and design are concerned. Interested in finding out more? Join us after the break.


According to the Korean Media (citing Samsung insiders), the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will have a radical new design and will feature a flexible display.

As far as the official announcement is concerned, the source says that the Galaxy Gear 2 will most likely be unveiled in London, sometime in March or April, and that Samsung is feeling the pressure from Apple and LG, which are also allegedly developing similar wearable products (LG is even rumored to be the sole provider of iWatch displays).

What do you think? Will Galaxy Gear 2 be more successful if it will be more fashionable than the previous iteration. Or does Samsung have to come up with some truly useful features? Let us know in the comments section.