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Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Update Affecting Battery Life ?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Update: Fixes One Thing, Break Another ?

I guess it’s safe to assume that you’re all familiar with the Exynos security issue right? If not, then you should, especially if you’re rocking a Samsung device that packs an Exynos 4210 or 4412 CPU. On short, some time ago, a vulnerability has been found in the Exynos kernel allowing malicious apps to access your RAM and do some pretty nasty stuff. Well, at least in theory, because nothing of the sorts has happened until now. Nonetheless, the security issue exists and Samsung has started deploying hotfixes in order to mend the problem.

One of the handsets that received an update is the Galaxy Note 2, but the bad news is that apparently, the latest patch also introduces new issues of its own.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Update Affecting Battery Life ?

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Update Affecting Battery Life ?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Update – Battery Life Issues

Not long ago the Korean manufacturer has started rolling-out a new software update (N7100XXDLL7) on the Note 2, fixing the Exynos exploit and dealing with the “Sudden Death” issues. Unfortunately, reports coming in from Note 2 owners are not that positive and apparently, the phablet suffers from battery drain once you apply this new update.

Owners of the respective device have reported around 10% loss in battery life, which isn’t really that bad but it’s definitely something to consider if you happen to own the Note 2 and you haven’t applied the update just yet.

This reminds me of the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the original Note which also came with a similar problem, but thankfully it doesn’t seem to be that bad for the latest model.

We’re also wondering whether or not the Note 2 at T-Mobile is also affected by lower battery life after the T889UVALL4 update, so if you happen to own the gadget in question then feel free to drop us a line and let us know if you’ve noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Samsung hasn’t made any announcements or regarding these latest reports but hopefully a new hotfix will be on the way sooner rather than later. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks Sam Mobile for the heads-up regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 update and its “un-welcomed fix”.

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