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Select Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Models To Come Without an AMOLED Panel?

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…aaand we’re circling back to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the rumors surrounding it.

This time however, we won’t show you another leaked picture or anything of the sort. Nope, today we’re going to talk about the type of display that Samsung’s upcoming phablet will feature.

I know most of you are used to seeing (Super) AMOLED panels on Samsung’s flagship devices. That’s why, very few people even considered the possibility that the old rumor claiming that the Note 3 will feature an LCD display is true. Well guess what? It might end up being right on the money … at least partially. Caught your interest? Good, join us after the break for more.


According to a report coming straight out of South Korea, Samsung is working on two Galaxy Note 3 models. One with the usual Super AMOLED display and one featuring an LCD panel.

It’s very difficult to figure something from the translation, but it looks like there are two reasons behind this decision, one of them being that Samsung might have some issues keeping up with the demand for OLED panels (the company is manufacturing more and more OLED Smart TVs). Another reason might be the fact that, in some markets, consumers are leaning towards buying smartphones with LCD displays. And seeing how HTC One’s LCD 3 screen looks like, using this type of technology should be a no-brainer for every major smartphone manufacturer.

What do you think? Would you be interested in a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with an LCD display? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: Daum

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