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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Final Decision Regarding Flexible OLED Display Not Taken Yet?

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It’s that time again when we’re going to talk some more about the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Not only that, but we’re once again going to explore the idea of an OLED flexible display being fitted on this particular device.

Assuming that you’ve been with us for the past several months, you probably already know the story. Rumors have been heating up, suggesting that the manufacturer will fit a flexible / unbreakable display on its upcoming Note 3, but then all of these rumors took a hit when news about production issues have surfaced on the blogosphere. They have resurfaced in the meantime but without plausible evidence for us to take them serious.

However, new reports coming from sources in Korea are now suggesting that there may still be hope for the OLED panel to make its debut on the upcoming phablet. Check out the details below.

Breaking - Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – flexible

Breaking – Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – flexible

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Flexible / Unbreakable OLED or Not?

According to a Korean publication citing “industry insiders“, Samsung hasn’t given up on the idea of fitting an unbreakable display on the Note 3. Sources now claim that the manufacturer will actually make the final decision sometime at the end of August.

As to what holds Samsung back from reaching a conclusion earlier than that, well, the reasons are the same as before. Allegedly, the company still has to deal with certain technical issues. More so, the Korean giant also struggles with production and it’s still unclear whether or not there would be enough OLED panels to go by, even if the technical problems would be sorted out in time. But, as mentioned above, the source claims that Samsung will have a clear answer by September.

As some of you probably remember, sometime at the beginning of the month a rumor was claiming that the Note 3 might arrive in multiple variants (four of them), one of which would feature premium build materials and a flexible OLED display whereas the others would be encapsulated in plastic. We highly doubt that this is going to happen, but we’ll see. Stay tuned for more.

Source: AsiaE

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