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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Designed With Fingerprint Recognition In Mind, Maybe Note 3 Active?

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As many gadget enthusiasts are already aware of, the iPhone 5s has recently reintroduced the idea of having a fingerprint scanner on a smartphone. Whether or not this will catch on remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: more gadget manufacturers will probably deliver fingerprint scanners on their smartphones in the foreseeable future. For instance, the HTC One Max is expected to feature such a thing on its back panel.

All that being said, you may be wondering “what about Samsung?” Clearly, the Korean manufacturer has always been among the trendsetters of the industry (phablets), but hasn’t been shy to jump on a bandwagon if the concept looked promising (like it will do with the 64-bit CPUs). How come there’s no such thing as a fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy Note 3 for instance? Well, we might actually have the answer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Was Supposed To Come With Fingerprint Recognition Tech - Maybe Note 3 Active?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Was Supposed To Come With Fingerprint Recognition Tech – Maybe Note 3 Active?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – The Fingerprint Scanner Conundrum

According to the Korean media (ETNews), Samsung was actually planning on fitting the Note 3 with a fingerprint scanner, but for various reasons, this bit of technology didn’t make it on the final product. While our understanding of the Korean language is not really that great, what we understand is that the manufacturer was planning on making use of a fingerprint sensor built by a company located in Dittsham Valley. However, the chip failed to pass quality assurance tests and Samsung was forced to scratch the whole deal.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time we hear that Samsung was planning on introducing this type of technology on its latest phablet, as leaks that have surfaced at the beginning of September were suggesting that the device will indeed take advantage of such a scanner.

In any case, if the Korean media is correct, then Samsung still hasn’t given up on this idea, and the company has now started to work on its own fingerprint scanning technology. Sources claim that this chip will be ready sometime in December, or at the beginning of 2014. Allegedly, Samsung might launch a Note 3 spin-off at that time – a device that will take advantage of this type of tech.

Could it be that this particular spin-off will be the rumored Galaxy Note 3 Active? Can Samsung create a waterproof device that boasts a fingerprint scanner? We’ll have to wait and see how the story develops. Stay tuned.