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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite Allegedly Enters Production, Aiming At 30% Of Note 3 Total Sales

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Rumors about an LCD version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have started surfacing back in September, when bits of news from the Korean media were suggesting that Sammy was getting ready to launch the device sometime in November. At that time, word on the street was that Samsung hasn’t launched this device alongside the Note 3 simply because it didn’t want the premium image of the flagship phablet to be diluted by this particular handset.

Initial rumors were suggesting that the Note 3 Lite will hit the shelves in November, and that Samsung was expecting to sell 3 million units. None of this came to reality, as the “entry-level” Note 3 is still nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, we’ve just stumbled across new bits of information regarding the whereabouts of particular device, so join us after the break for more.


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite Enters Production?

Korean sources are suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite has entered production. Supposedly, the company will produce 500K units in January and 1.5 million units in the second month of the year. If that is the case, then it’s probably a safe bet that we’ll this device on-stage at the Mobile World Congress in February.

Sources also claim that even though Samsung could have begun manufacturing the so called Galaxy Note 3 Lite since last month, the manufacturer decided to push back the phablet, in fear of sales cannibalization and dilution of the Galaxy Note brand name (all Note devices have been, so far, regarded as Premium devices).

As expected, the smartphone will be aimed at emerging markets. What’s more surprising is that, according to the same sources, the company expects the Note 3 Lite sales (unconfirmed name) to amount to 30% of the total Galaxy Note 3 sales.

As to what you can expect from this device in terms of specs, the Note 3 Lite will allegedly pack an LCD display measuring 5.68 inches (a 5.49-inch model was also rumored at one point) and will boast an 8 MP main camera. Yup, there’s a lot of unknown data at this point, but since the device is meant to be an entry-level device, we can’t expect it to pack a full HD display or a Snapdragon 800 CPU. We’ll keep an eye out for new info so stay tuned.


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