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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Please Samsung, Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung’s Approach

Samsung is one of those manufacturers that deliver a myriad of gadgets throughout the entirety of a year, from low to high-end smartphones, tablets and phablets. In this sea of devices that have been or will be released this year, the more notable ones are the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Mega series, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 range of tablets, and of course, the Galaxy Note 3.

Rumors and supposed leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have been heavily hitting the blogosphere for quite some time, but let me tell you: 90 percent of what these “inside-sources” are saying is bogus. Why? Because most of these so called rumors/leaks are actually made up by various blogs and web-sites, hoping to attract those much needed links. Anyway, i digress.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - Sammy Is Currently Testing 3 Prototypes

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Sammy Is Currently Testing 3 Prototypes

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Prototypes

Not long ago, a so called “leaked” picture allegedly depicting the Galaxy Note 3 has made the rounds (the image above), but before you get all worked up, let me just say: that’s definitely not Samsung’s upcoming phablet. In fact, the device depicted in this “leaked” image is the ZOPO ZP950, a mid-range and rather obscure smartphone.

Now, ZOPO and fake pic aside, last week we’ve stumbled on some interesting news for those of you who are waiting for the Samsung Note 3. Allegedly, the Korean manufacturer is currently testing three Note 3 prototypes, one of which is supposedly made of plastic (something that contradicts earlier rumors), a second one which boasts a completely different design (intriguing), and a third one that features the oh so rumored flexible display.

The same sources have also claimed that Samsung has its doubts concerning the third prototype, mainly because the manufacturer still hasn’t overcome certain issues plaguing the flexible display.

Now, if this is indeed true, and Samsung is testing a Note 3 prototype which boasts a “completely different design”, this might be an important turning point for Samsung and Android. If the biggest Android manufacturer would do something bold with one of its flagship devices, we would be witnessing the beginning of a new era.

Just think what it would mean if Samsung will at least follow in LG’s (Nexus 4) and HTC’s footsteps (HTC One) – bye bye cheap plastic, so long classic, run-of-the-mill, tired design. If Samsung does this and the Note 3 will end up being a success (it’s almost guaranteed) everybody will follow suit.

Even more, imagine what it would mean for Samsung to do even more than HTC and LG and come up with a revolutionary design (I’m not talking about flexible and indestructible displays – that’s not going to happen, at least not anytime soon). Galaxy Note 3’s success would push every mobile manufacturer out there, big and small, to try something new, to build smartphones (and why not, tablets) whose design would not follow the same tried and true formula, like the boring Galaxy S4 did. Yes, i said boring – the S4 is a powerhouse packed with a lot of software features, but let’s face it: it’s boring.

Unfortunately, Samsung will probably choose not to go this route (we’ll probably talk about some of the reasons in a follow-up article).

Grow some balls Samsung, will ya’ ?

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