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Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 12MP OIS Camera, 3.7MP Front Facer (Report)

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As some of you should know, optical image stabilization is a pretty big deal for cameras, and during these past several years OIS has become a very sought-after feature in the smartphone department as well. Sadly, not a lot of manufacturers have been able or willing to adopt this technology, but there are a few brave souls out there, such as Sony and LG.

Meanwhile, Samsung has been rumored to deliver an OIS-enabled camera for ages. The Galaxy Note 3 was originally planned to pack an OIS shooter, but then Sammy eventually scrapped everything due to production and supply issues.

On the brighter side of things, Samsung hasn’t sat idly. Although OIS is still missing from its mainstream smartphones, the Korean tech giant has introduced a new type of camera with the Galaxy S5, dubbed ISOCELL. The same camera was also rumored to make it across to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (which is allegedly ready for mass production), but now, according to a fresh report, the company’s upcoming phablet could feature a different shooter altogether.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 12MP OIS Camera, 3.7MP Front Facer (Report)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 12MP OIS Camera, 3.7MP Front Facer (Report)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to pack a 12 MP OIS Camera?

Earlier rumors have suggested that Samsung might push the amount of MP on the Note 4’s camera up to 20 MP. Meanwhile, the handset has been spotted in AnTuTu in both of its flavors (Snapdragon and Exynos), and it appeared that the device takes advantage of a 16 MP camera, most likely of the ISOCELL family.

Today a new report has been relayed by the Korean media, suggesting that Samsung will actually adopt a 12 MP main camera with OIS, as well as a 3.7 MP front-facing sensor for the Galaxy Note 4. In addition, the source suggests that Sasmung and its major partners have already established the production facilities where the 12 MP unit will be manufactured, and if the reports are correct, the sensor will be manufactured in the Tianjin factory, which has the ability to produce 1 million per month. With more effort and investment, the facility could yield 3 million units a month, which should be enough given the idea that Sammy will initially produce no less than 5 million Galaxy Note 4s (with the remaining 2 million sensors being supplied by Samsung’s partners).

The reason for the change from a 20MP to a 12MP camera is allegedly Samsung’s desire to keep the Note 4 as thins as it can, while also having OIS on board.

Another interesting fact mentioned by the report is that Samsung plans to use the 20MP camera developed by its “Advanced Development Team”, and initially meant for the Note 4, on next year’s Samsung Galaxy S6. Does it mean that the S6 won’t come with OIS? It’s probably too early to tell.

What are your thoughts on these recent developments? Do you think Samsung will finally manage to deliver an OIS-enabled flagship phone?



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