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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Might Have A Dual Edge Display Version

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 was not the only smartphone to be announced by the Korean tech giant at MWC 2015, and as all the previous rumors predicted before the event commenced, the S6 was accompanied by a dual-edge counterpart dubbed the “Galaxy S6 edge”.

Samsung’s journey to implement multi-edge displays on its smartphones began with last year’s Galaxy Note Edge, which was also unveiled next to its closest relative, the Galaxy Note 4. The aforementioned device, however, was only the first concept, and although interesting, it did received mixed reactions from the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge on the other hand, seems to have already gained more recognition than its “flat” counterpart, because this year, Samsung implemented the “edge” concept a bit differently. Rather than an awkwardly-placed edge that acts kind of like as an additional panel, the SGS6 edge uses its curved display in order to extend the “main” screen’s functionality. This idea seems to have enjoyed a very positive reaction from consumers, so much so that Samsung is now reportedly considering the release of a dual-edge Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Might Come With A Dual Edge Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Might Come With A Dual Edge Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to feature a dual-edge display?

During a press conference held Monday in Barcelona, the executive vice president of Samsung’s product strategy team, Roh Tae-moon, said that the company is considering the introduction of such curved display in the future Galaxy Note line-up. The original Note Edge may have not been the hit Samsung was hoping for, but the SGS6 edge already seems to be more of an icon than the conventional Galaxy S6.

Samsung is certain that the SGS6 edge will sell better than the Note Edge before it, and that’s because the dual-edge screen is more practical. With that in mind, it sure makes a certain amount of sense for Samsung to consider redesigning the Galaxy Note 5 in order to further push this apparently successful formula to the market, especially since, after all, it all began with the Note Edge.

Of course there’s a lot that can happen between now and the next major Unpacked event where the Note 5 will most probably be unveiled, so we’ll continue to keep an eye out for more clues regarding Samsung’s plans on the matter. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.



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