Samsung Galaxy Note 5: USB 3.1 Type-C, UFS 2.0 Flash, No 4K Display (Rumors)

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Like we’ve said before, now that the H1 2015 flagships are out and about, it’s open season for rumors and leaks regarding the main contenders that will come out in the second half of the year, mainly from September onwards. And with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 being one of the most anticipated devices, it’s no wonder that the rumor/report/leak rate has steadily increased during the last several weeks.

According to a new report citing inside sources and statement made by various Samsung employees on Weibo, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will come with an USB 3.1 Type-C connector.

Yes, unlike Sony, it looks like Samsung is ready to hop on the 3.1 Type-C bandwagon … and that’s a good thing.


By the sound of this report, although it isn’t explicitly mentioned, the duo (yes, USB 3.1 and Type C don’t necessarily go hand in hand: one is a standard and one a type of connector) will be paired with the USB Power Delivery v2.0 specification with the help of which, the Type C connector can can support up to 100W power delivery. For comparison’s sake, the previous standard (Power Delivery v1.0) supports only up to 7.5W which means that this new tech will charge your device a whole lot quicker.

The report also goes on by saying that, unlike other rumors have claimed, the Galaxy Note 5 will not come with a 4K display. It will be able to output to one though, thanks to USB 3.1 and its double theoretical bandwidth (10GB/s vs 5GB/s).

Also, the Note 5 will reportedly feature UFS 2.0 Flash memory. Debuted on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, UFS 2.0 replaces the eMMC 5.0/5.1 standard bringing an important boost writing and reading speeds to/from the internal storage.

UFS 2.0 also allows for simultaneous read/write operations among other technical benefits.


So that’s about it for today’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5-related rumors. Nothing unexpected really, but it’s good to hear that Samsung is considering all these new types of tech for its upcoming phablet.

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