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Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon): Android 4.1.2 Update Plagued By Issues, Fix On The Way

by Catalin Mengheris on June 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1.2 Update at Verizon – Officially A Failure

Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 seems to have hit a few bumps as far as the Android 4.1.2 update is concerned. By the looks of it, the update for the device is causing more issues than it’s solving and for the time being Verizon stopped the update’s distribution. With the update being rolled out successfully at other carriers such as Sprint and T-Mobile, one has to wonder if this wasn’t something that Verizon messed up.

The update was supposed to bring a number of improvements, however, it seems that users have been complaining about connectivity as well as battery life issues. The update, VRBMD3, considered an important one for the device, generated quite a lot of angry and upset responses from customers. With improved functionality coming to the Galaxy S4, such as multi-window support, the Galaxy S3 on Verizon would have been as up-to-date as it can get (sorry, no Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 4.2 update yet).

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon): Android 4.1.2 Update Plagued By Issues, Fix On The Way

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon): Android 4.1.2 Update Plagued By Issues, Fix On The Way

Verizon recently announced that most users went through the update without any issues. However, a small number of customer were negatively affected.

Verizon stopped pushing the update and it’s now busy trying to fix the issue. The official word is that the update will be postponed until they are certain the issues have been taken care off. If you were hoping to get the Android 4.1.2 update for your Galaxy S3 with Verizon, it seems that you will have to wait a bit longer.

If you have a Galaxy S3 with Verizon, drop us a line in the comments section and let us know how the update went for you or if you are one of those who didn’t even get it. Stay tuned for more folks!

Source: Android Central

  • Test Man

    have the update as of May 31. wireless data connectivity as well as shorter battery life since. I have noticed that if I use a streaming music service like A Online, Tune In, or Pandora radio, the data connection never drops. guess I’ll be putting my unlimited data plan to good use until the fix!

    • OwlViews

      There’s at least one good thing coming out of it then :)

  • chapman1969

    Well that update from Verizon was a total disaster I guess the 4.2.2 update will probably 6 more month’s away if not longer dang we have waited long enough for that update hell. Lime pie will be out by then

  • Steven S.

    Updated and now my 4g drops constantly as well as a significant decrease in battery life, texts don’t get send and wifi signal cuts out randomly. I called Verizon and my only option is to wait or switch to a different phone…

  • AntiTally

    My connectivity drops even with streaming music from Sirius. I’ve also been having problems with GPS and sending text messages. I hope they fix this soon as it’s basically crippled my GS3. A restart seems to fix it, but 6-8 restarts a day is getting old.

  • John Gilga

    I have found that changing the network mode from Global to LTE/CDMA seems to fix the 4G connection issue.

  • Mallissa Schaeffer

    My visual voicemail won’t connect, or allow me to refresh. I have updates in play store that fail around halfway, and my wifi is sketchy. I have been on 3G all day as well. Ugh.

  • Cassie Owens

    we’ve had battery issues and it looks like my phone was only partially updated. Issue I can’t seem to find a solution for is that it will no longer check my email. Acts like it does but nothing :( Ever since the OS update like 6months ago nothing has been right actually.

  • Kayla Nemire

    I have version 4.1.2, But nothing is different

  • joey

    Will i did rhe update as for tht update i have no 3g/4g at all as will as txt, media battery only last a hafe a day call drope shal i keep going.. made rh cal to verizon and after fighting wth thm thy sent me a refrb phone???? Wat no i wnted a new phone i didnt cause or damaged the phone it was thr update not me.. will th phone came and open and find tht thr is no battery or back or sim card made thcall bk and was told i have to use the one I have because the SIM card is not covered thats aload of shit

  • unseenshadow

    After i updated my phone decided to brick itself after a couple weeks. Started not waking from sleep while charging and now It doesn’t even boot. Hope my replacement doesn’t have the same fate

  • Carissa

    I updated and can barely send a text from my phone, not to mention my battery will likely need to be replaced from all of the charging I’ve had to do. I have never had issues with Verizon, but was not happy with how all they wanted me to do was purchase a network extender. Finally a tech support staff was honest with me about the issues and that they were expecting a new update from Samsung. I hope they send everyone new batteries and a discount on this billing statement!

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  • Kelly Ameigh

    Updated to 4.1.2 on 6/25. Battery life is crap and now my Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync I use for work e-mails has quit working. Texting and G-mail works fine though.

  • Mike

    Not a happy camper. After the update my battery life went to less than a day! previously it would last 2-3 days. I also am having the issues with 4GLTE – most the time I find myself in 3G mode. I’m partly mad at myself as I should have done some searching on reviews before the update – I would have saved myself the frustration of now having to deal with a phone I cannot rely on.

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