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Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals – Lowest Outright Price … Info Inside

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals – Lowest No Contract Price

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been announced by a handful of Canadian retailers, so if you’re planning on buying the handset on-contract in this particular region, you probably already know what to expect.

But what about off-contract? What’s the best price that you can get on the Samsung Galaxy S4? Well, we have the answer, so if you’re not fond of the idea of tying yourself to a 3-year agreement and you’d prefer to pay the full price of the phone, up-front, this might interest you. More details below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals - Lowest Outright Price ... Info Inside

Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals – Lowest Outright Price … Info Inside

Samsung Galaxy S4 Deals – Lowest Price

The majority of retailers and carriers in Canada, such as TELUS, Bell and Rogers are selling the SGS4 at the price of $700 CAD, give or take a few cents/bucks. But if you’re looking for the best deal out there, you’ll have to turn your attention to Koodo.

The network operator in question will sell the Samsung flagship at the price of $625 CAD which sounds pretty amazing considering what the competition has to offer, but there is a catch.

The problem is that Koodoo hasn’t really started offering the S4. The gadget is listed as “coming soon”, and customers don’t yet have the option to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S4.

There’s no telling when Koodo will pick-up the pace, but what we can speculate is that the reason for this slow release is the handset’s high demand. TELUS (which is Koodo’s parent company) has already announced that it has been dealing with overwhelming demand. As a solution, the carrier has offered $50 (and then $100) to customers who have already pre-ordered the Galaxy S4 and are willing to wait a couple of weeks extra before they’ll receive the device.

Perhaps Koodo will pick-up the pace after these two weeks as well, and might deliver the gadget on May 10th. But that’s just me talking and speculating, so don’t bet money on that.

We’ll keep you posted.