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Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A (Advanced) Simply Destroys The Regular S4

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As some of you might know, the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced has been announced yesterday, in South Korea. As expected, the smartphone will first be available in the aforementioned region, with the international market to receive it over the next few months.

Even though no large scale LTE Advanced network has been deployed yet (some small regions in Russia already have it) there is another reason you should be excited about the Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced. Aside from the obvious LTE-A capabilities (double upload and download speeds when compared to “regular” LTE), the Galaxy S4 LTE-A model also features the Qualcom Snapdragon 800 SoC, which should make this handset a monster.

How much powerful will the LTE Advanced version be when compared with the regular version? Join us after the break and find out.

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A (Advanced) Simply Destroys The Regular S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A (Advanced) Simply Destroys The Regular S4

Well, if you were curious to see how the Snapdragon 800 powered S4 performs in comparison with the regular model, well … the short story is that it destroys it.

What you can see below are two videos featuring the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A and the Octa Core Galaxy S4 going head to head in two of the most widely used benchmarks: Antutu and Quadrant. Enjoy!

NOTE: The LTE-A model is the one on the right.



Antutu Results

Octa Core Samsung Galaxy S4: 27172
Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A: 29976

Quadrant Results:

Octa Core Samsung Galaxy S4 – 12525
Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A – 18581

As you know, the Octa Core Galaxy S4 is a minority in the Galaxy S4 family. Most markets (including North America) have only received the Snapdragon 600 powered S4 model, which performs considerably weaker in benchmarks. Now if the LTE-A model surpasses the Exynos powered S4 by a considerable amount of points (especially in Quadrant), imagine what it would do to the “regular” version.  The comments section is at your disposal.

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