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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Looks Real, Caught On Camera

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: Probably Going To Be Announced Soon

The Samsung Galaxy S3 needs no introduction at this point, but on the other hand, you may have forgotten about the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, assuming that you don’t own one.

Indeed, the SGS3 Mini hasn’t been one of the most breathtaking devices of year 2012, but not every device needs to be. I know that every gadget enthusiast out there (including me) gets really excited about powerful high-end gadgets, but the mobile market is comprised of low and mid-range smartphones as well. After all, not everyone feels the need to spend a small fortune every year just so they can remain on top of the mobile food chain.

Although we’re always impressed by Samsung’s top of the range, the Korean manufacturer is also well-known for its involvement in the mid-range market segment, and this year will most likely be no different.

In fact, the company might plan on announcing and releasing a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini in the near future. More details below.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Looks Real, Caught On Camera

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Looks Real, Caught On Camera

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Apparently, the Galaxy S4 Mini is real, and as you can see in the leaked picture above, the gadget looks pretty darn similar to its bigger brother, except of course for its smaller dimensions. The source of these leaked pictures that have been making the rounds lately is a fellow who goes by the name of Ermek Kubanychbekov, and apparently is in the possession of the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini bears the model number GT-I9190, and as far as specs go, the gadget supposedly packs a 4.3 inch display featuring a resolution of 540 x 960, a dual-core 1.6 GHz CPU, and much like the SGS4, the Mini also seems to pack Android 4.2.2 under the hood, with Samsung’s latest TouchWiz on top.

Would you be interested in a “Mini” version of Samsung’s latest flagship phone?

Thanks Android Central for the heads-up regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

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