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Samsung Galaxy S4: This Probably Isn’t It

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We’re all excited about the upcoming releases of year 2013. There’s Sony and the new Xperia lineup, the mysterious HTC M7, the rumored 1080p LG Optimus G2, and of course, the inevitable Samsung Galaxy S4. The latter is probably the most anticipated handset of the bunch, simply because it has a strong foundation. Not one Galaxy S member has been unsuccessful and in fact, with each iteration the series became better and better.

With that in mind, the Galaxy S4 should be one beast of a smartphone, breaking new boundaries and offering an even greater experience than its predecessors. Well, at least in theory.

We’ve talked a great deal about what kind of hardware might end up underneath Galaxy S4’s hood and today we’re going to take a look at an alleged press render.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Pic: This Probably Isn't It

Samsung Galaxy S4 Pic: This Probably Isn't It

Samsung Galaxy S4 Picture – Authentic or Fake ?

What you see above is a picture taken by one of Sam Mobile’s insiders at Samsung, or at least that’s what the guys are claiming. Evidently no one can confirm whether or not this picture is 100% authentic, but it’s the first leak regarding the matter so we should definitely take a look at it.

I’m probably not the best person to figure out whether or not a picture has been faked, so I’m not going to talk about the light, how it should reflect on the screen etc. Instead, I’m going to share my view on the design itself. Just keep in mind that this is a picture of a screen taken with a camera, not a print screen. As for the image itself, the reflections at the bottom suggest this would be a press release, and what I can say is that by the looks of it, the speaker grille, logo, front facing camera and sensors are way too familiar.

The shape of the device is also a bit unexpected and resembles the original Note, or an oversized Galaxy S2 rather than an updated S3. There’s also the lack of the home button which seems to be a way/trick to make the picture more striking, rather than a real feature of a Galaxy S device, but hell, you never know.

So, is this the real design of the upcoming Samsung flagship handset? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I personally think it’s not, but I might be in for a surprise once the gadget is going to be unveiled (at MWC perhaps). What do you guys and girls think of this one? Is this how you envisioned the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Thanks Sam Mobile for sharing the leaked Samsung Galaxy S4 pic.

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